The SPIRTO project finished on 31 May 2015. This website remains online as a reference archive.

Spirto_WhatTheySaidIf you, or someone you work with, might be interested in taking part in the project we would like to hear from you. We started talking to young people aged 12-25 who, before they were 18 years old, have sent or posted self-generated sexual content via a mobile or the internet. Findings from the research will be shared with young people, the general public, practitioners and researchers, in order to empower change through research andAi?? training. Read a small selection of what young people told us.

Please contact:
Spirto Participation Poster
United Kingdom: Dr Karen Cooper, Poster for young people (pdf) Information sheet for Young People (pdf) Further information for professionals: Information Sheet (pdf)
Sweden: Ms Linda Jonsson, Cloud mining bitcoin quora jykfqy – Fast
Germany: Julia von Weiler,


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