The SPIRTO project finished on 31 May 2015. This website remains online as a reference archive.

SPIRTO produced an article reviewing the motivational, lifestyle and personality factors influencing adolescent sexting practices and exploring the research evidence within the wider context of debates around contemporary social and visual media cultures and gender. The aim of thes review is to assist in providing a clearer, more rounded picture of the literature by detailing research findings and discussions around young peopleai??i??s sexting practices and the influence of motivational, lifestyle and personality factors on their experiences.

Read the full paper:
Adolescents and self-taken sexual images: A review of the literature (pdf)

Use the form below to search Spirtoai??i??s thematic bibliography of published articles on sexting, cyberbullying and online safety specific to young people. You can alsoAi??download the full list as a PDF file [last updated: 24 January 2014].

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